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Sam Bass

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This is me

I talk in jokes, that's how I like to communicate. I was born on Long Island N.Y. but I don't know anything about it. Listen, my family had issues. Mom was from the backwoods of Louisiana, oldest of nine kids, and my dad, a Ukrainian Jew, grew up during the golden years of Brooklyn N.Y. After my brother was born they didn't get along. Life was complicated early on after my family split when I was almost three with my mom moving us to Texas in secret. Like many boys in the USA in the 80s, I grew up without a dad and had no direction. I just knew I had this fire inside that I had to get out.

I'm a one-of-a-kind surreal entertainer with a unique style and a lighthearted approach to dark comedy. As a young adult, I had lots of motorcycles, smoked tons of weed, did boozing and psychedelics. I stopped the boozing. With my background of growing up in an abusive and difficult environment, moving around a lot, and seeing the world, I learned how to make the best of any situation. I use my life experiences, along with my near death ones, to find the funny.

My goal is to connect with my audience, and to provide an unforgettable experience with my comedy.

Whether it’s through stand-up, acting in film/skits, or writing, I strive to find the funny in all things and live for new experiences. I'm passionate about my craft and I'm always looking for new ways to entertain.

My life has always been an adventure and I'm sharing my stories and humor with people around the world. Book me or come see my upcoming shows!

"Sam Bass was so funny, I cried from laughter, and then I booed him."

"If Sam Bass was any funnier, I'd have to kill myself!"

New York Critique

"When Sam Bass is on stage, I orgasm."

The Lol Blog

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